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The Cellular Biology Meeting, Inc convenes the Annual Hunter Meetings and Workshops

The Hunter Meetings...

aim to create an atmosphere similar to the prestigious Gordon Conferences: an intense focused meeting for senior scientists in the field

2016 Hunter Meeting Week...

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Lovedale, NSW Australia
Dates: Monday March 14 - Friday March 18, 2016

Registration open now.

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CBMI governance and history..

Cellular Biology Meeting Inc (CBMI) was incorporated as an association in 2001 and established to "further research and the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of biology known as cell biology, differentiation and development". The fact that CBMI is not a professional association is of importance and has some consequences. Because of its educational aims, and the fact that it is not a professional association, CBMI was awarded status as a tax exempt charity. CBMI evolved out of the organising committee of the International Congress on Differentiation and Cell Biology, 2000 which was a joint meeting of the International Society of Differentiation, the International Federation for Cell Biology, the Asian Pacific International Molecular Biology Network and the Australian and New Zealand Society for Cell Biology and Development Inc. The association is governed by the committee (its members) and does not have membership fees, except for the committee.

Convenors of the Hunter Cellular Biology Meeting

2001 - 2005: Keith Stanley
2006: Patrick Tam
2007: David James
2008: Carol Wicking; Inaugural Imaging Workshop: Jenny Stow
2009: Paul Gleeson; Imaging Workshop organiser: Will Hughes
2010: Alpha Yap; Imaging Workshop organisers: Will Hughes and Sally Dunwoodie
2011: Phil Robinson; High Content Analysis and Imaging Workshop organiser: Phil Robinson
2012: Peter Gunning, co-convenor Jenny Stow; Imaging Workshop organisers: Rohan Teasdale, Will Hughes and Jenny Stow
2013: Sally Dunwoodie, co-convenor Jenny Stow; Imaging Workshop organisers: Rohan Teasdale, Will Hughes and Jenny Stow
2014: Sarah Russell; Imaging Workshop organisers: Doug Brooks and Fred Meunier

The Hunter Cellular Biology Meeting, as the main vehicle of CBMI, aims to provide a focus for stimulating research in cell biology and development and broadening the perspectives of scientists in these fields. The term "Cellular Biology" was chosen to indicate all forms of biology linked to cells rather than the more restrictive term "Cell Biology". In 2001, CBMI organised the first Hunter Cellular Biology Meeting held at the Hunter Valley Gardens Lodge, Pokolbin, NSW. In 2003, parallel afternoon sessions for Cell and Development were trialled, but return to the single session format has been retained by popular demand.
Formation of a national committee
A national committee was elected at the annual meeting in 2003.  This move was an important development of the association as it signalled the intention of CBMI to promote cellular biology in all states.  The committee was active in the selection of speakers, selection of abstracts, promotion of the meeting and chairing the annual meeting.
Continued governance of the association
At the meeting held by email in September 2004 it was decided to establish a mechanism for ongoing governance of the association.  This involves the annual election of 3 new members to the committee who will each serve for a period of 4 years, making a committee of 12 people.  Each year a co-convenor will also be elected who will become convenor at the following AGM, and then retire from the committee.  This will ensure a rotation of input into the meeting program and organization. Additional members of the committee can be co-opted to redress any perceived imbalance of composition and experience, and of course previous convenors can be re-elected to the committee.  In order to be able to invite senior overseas speakers it is important that the conference convenor be a senior person who is respected in his/her field of research.

The CBMI has a CBA bank account with merchant facilities for current expenditure, and an investment account.  As mentioned, the association has tax exempt status.

Keith Stanley,
Founding President

CBMI is an Association, not a scientific Society, and as such does not have a membership. Those who wish to attend the Annual Meeting, submit their registration and abstract to the Conference Committee for acceptance.

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